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About Neueste Einträge

New Years Eve 1. Jan 2006 @ 18:22
My friends and I were set on going to Denver and drinking/parting the night away, until we discovered that there was nothing really peaking our interest. So as usual we had to re-work our plans the day before to better suit our required level of inebriation and celebration.

All and all we ended up having a small party consisting of five invited friends, good drinks, a few movies, and shit ton of explosives. I believe the total number of uninvited guests was somewhere in the neighborhood of: 20 neighbors trying to figure out what the hell was going on...1 Police officer and 2 county sheriffs trying to uphold the law while keeping the peace.

As our six hour sound and light bombardment was coming to a close, I felt great satisfaction knowing that we were able to celebrate the end of 2005 without being fined or arrested;)

New Painting Posted 23. Dez 2005 @ 23:33
I posted my newest painting on my blog at myspace, it should be on up on my website next week. Or you can get a sneak peek today;)
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WooooHoooooo!!!! 23. Dez 2005 @ 05:04
This will probably interest very few people out there, but I am Fucking zap happy at the moment. I am about 90% finished with a new painting...just waiting for it to dry so I can glaze it...anyway I learned something NEW about painting! A NEW technique! Wooo hooo fucking happy joy! joy joy happy! Just one of those random discoveries you get when trying things differently :D (damn that smiley face just does not adequately express the psychotic contortion of my face muscles) So with all great discoveries comes great misery and other set backs; such as: ...firstly I am all out of yellow paint :( ...secondly I can't use the new technique I learned until I have time to do another painting, and get more yellow paint :(

P.S. No. I am not drunk, but I do feel like a dork:P
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Puts the French catacombs to shame 20. Dez 2005 @ 04:05
Stumbled on this really cool page, check it out!
Aktuelle Musik: DJ Iornfeather KGNU.org

Annoyances 19. Dez 2005 @ 09:50
Hit Rock last night, palyed some pool, chatted around, having a good time listening to some seriously kick ass tunes...had to leave early bc I was driving someone else:( Came home worked on some projects, surfed the net. Now I am sitting here listening to part of my brain telling me to "Go to bed!" while another part is saying "Bah you don't need sleep, you're not even tired yet."

Poem I just thought up.
Fucking annoying little gnomes that live inside my head
Keeping me awake when I should be in bed
Other entries
» Mmmm Spam
So I was sifting through the mountains of Spam that comes with having an email address these days…just to make sure nothing important got filtered. And to my pleasant surprise I find comedy waiting for me. I love finding religious Spam :D You really can’t pass that shit up. For example: I get an email that has a subject line of “Make money the Christian way!” (My thought) Start your own charity? Nope! Loan company website, borrow money from people you know are trustworthy…WTF? Borrowing money and making money is really not even close to being the same thing. Disappointed there, but moving on. Subject: “Where Christians Meet”…Church? Nope! Some online singles site. The first page requires you to fill out a form; one of the requirements of this form is selecting your income range…(bright red letters) Minimum $25,000 required. Again WTF? Leave it to idiots to discriminate against themselves.

Now to clarify I have nothing against Christians…they just send me more Spam then other religions.
» Confessions of a Shattered Mind
The fear is creeping back into my mind. I’m starting to ask myself again, "How long can I keep my demons sleeping? How long should I wait before letting them speak? Is it really worth shutting them up?” Perhaps they have something to say that I should be listening to. “It's like there is some door in the back of my mind holding back a great flood, and they just keep knocking...I dare not answer it. How does one keep the hand of destruction from falling on those I care about? It needs to fall. IT MUST FALL! But control…it must not fail.”


Good stuff. Gotta love those crazies.
» Site Update
Updated My Website. Improved Navigation.
Added New: Sculpture Sub-Section, and various updates in the Flat Art Section. Still waiting to get some feedback on my latest painting before that gets uploaded...might have some fixin' to do on it.

» Bad Red! Bad!
Went to sleep this moring around 4 and was awakened by my dog at 7:30. I have this massive feeling of sleep deprivedness in my head, it's like I'm in college again;)

Uhg, daydreaming about my pillow.
» Stoopid Politicians
There was some bullshit politicians on C-Span earlier today trying to explain to everyone how keeping a criminal in prison for life is cheaper then giving them the death penalty. Funny as hell! Personally I say we buy the executioners new shinny axes that they can re-use over and over again to save on the electric bill and cost of needles. Honestly if an inmate lives for lets say an average of 1 month in prison, and they have ramen noodles 3 times a day that's the cost of a good axe.

They kept going on about how broken our justice system is and how no one should have to be put to death for the crimes they have committed. WTF? Now don't get me wrong, I do agree that the justice system is flawed horribly, but I don't think the first step to improve it should involve getting rid of punishments.
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